The Week Unwrapped podcast: Naughty yoga, firewalls and joke leaders

Why is Iran cracking down on yoga? How did a comedian become president of Ukraine? And why is China tightening its Great Firewall?

Olly Mann, The Week and special guest Bassem Youssef delve behind the headlines and debate what really matters from the past seven days.

Naughty yoga:

Thirty people taking part in a yoga session were arrested during a private class in Iran recently, in the latest crackdown by the country’s morality police. This week, the regime also closed 547 restaurants and launched an app for people to report the “moral crimes” of their neighbours. So what is driving the harsh new measures?

Funny leaders:

Ukraine is gearing up for a parliamentary election next month that will decide whether it’s new president - a TV sitcom star with no political experience - will have the clout to push through his vision of sweeping reforms. Why are voters across the world being drawn to anti-establishment newcomers with few policies beyond “not this”?

The Great Firewall

This week China blocked its citizens’ access to major news sites including The Guardian, The Washington Post, NBC and HuffPost. But it isn’t just China that is censoring the internet. As countries around the world shut down websites and collect user data, has the era of online freedom come to an end?

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