Samsung Galaxy Note 10 news: leaked release date, 5G support and more

Upcoming ‘phablet’ set to be biggest and most powerful yet in firm’s smartphone line-up.Samsung has already revealed two new headline-grabbing smartphones this year - but that doesn’t mean the company is resting on its laurels.

Following the highs of its Galaxy S10 launch to the lows of its of the now-postponed Galaxy Fold, the Korean tech giant is now putting the finishing touches to the new Galaxy Note 10 - and the internet is awash with rumours about the upcoming handset.Dubbed a “phablet” due to its tablet-like features and large size, the eagerly anticipated smartphone is expected to become the most powerful - and biggest - in the company’s line-up.

When will it come out?:

Samsung has yet to confirm a launch date, but a company insiders told CNet that the phone will be unveiled on Wednesday 7 August at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York - the same venue used for the Note 9’s reveal.

It has also been rumoured that the device will launch on Saturday 10 August, which TechRadar says is worth taking “with a pinch of salt” as Saturday is an “unusual day to launch a phone.”

How much will it cost?

Last year’s Galaxy Note 9 cost £899 at launch, so the new model is likely to be priced in that region.

What will the Note 10 look like?

Early rumours suggested that the new handset would look almost identical to the Galaxy S10, albeit with a larger display.

As such, the phablet would feature the S10’s edge-to-edge OLED display and asymmetric “punch hole” lens - where the screen wraps around the selfie camera lens - tucked in the top right-hand side of the front panel.

However, Forbes reports that “popular Samsung insider” Ice Universe has suggested the phablet will feature a “perfectly symmetrical” screen design, with the punch hole camera either positioned centrally at the top of the front panel, or removed entirely in the vein of the firm’s new Infinity Display. It remains unclear where the phonemaker would place the selfie camera if it were to remove the punch hole lens. Some rival firms, including Chinese tech giant Oppo, use a pop-up lens that emerges from the top of the device when the camera app is launched.

Is a Note 10 Pro model in the works?

It looks like it. Several outlets are reporting that a Galaxy Note 10 Pro, offering a bigger battery and a larger display, will launch alongside the standard Note 10.

The Galaxy Note 10 Pro is expected to boast a 6.8in display, up from the base model’s 6.3in panel, as well as “beefier specs” including more ram and larger storage capacities, says tech news site Tom’s Guide.

Tech Times reports that the Note 10 Pro will share the same 4,500mAh battery pack as the S10 5G, which means users “won’t have to worry about running into battery life problems during the day”.

Will the new models support 5G?

Hans Vestberg, chief executive of US telecoms giant Verizon, confirmed in a call with investors last week that the “Note and the Galaxy [S10] coming this year will both have 5G”, The Verge reports.

This means the phablet will be capable of connecting to the new mobile signal, which offers users broadband-rivalling download speeds while out and about. Aside from a few limited trials in the US and Europe, 5G networks have not launched as yet, but Wired says the signal is due to go live across the globe later this year.The Note 10 wouldn’t be the first Samsung phone capable of connecting to a 5G network. The Galaxy S10 5G, the range-topping model in the S10 line-up, can connect to the ultra-fast signal and is due to launch in the US on 16 May, according to Digital Trends. Samsung has yet to announced whether the base-spec Galaxy Note 10 will support 5G networks.